Simpson Salute Heating & Air Services


Although we specialize in new construction and work with some of the most talented builders in the area from Summit County to Noble County, we also take great pride in retrofiting your existing system by upgrading, or adding to it. We also offer 24/7 EMERGENCY service on ALL BRANDS of equipment.


This picture shows a smaller home with alot more room than you can imagine. This home was built in the Williams Village allotment located in Strasburg, Ohio. The picture can not show everything this home has, like an office on the first floor for the person that works from home, or the finished basement complete with bath, bedrooms, and family room. "AND" besides the three (3) car attached garage there is a two (2) car detached garage which is every mans dream!


This picture shows a home that Simpson Heating and Cooling installed a top of the line heating and cooling system. This home is located at the entrance of Cherry Hill in Strasburg, Ohio, one of the most outstanding building sites in the area.

This home was built in the beautiful Pine Ridge Development, located in Strasburg, Ohio. This home is a one floor plan that makes living and house work a dream come true. A picture just cannot tell the total story about this home sweet home story. Simpson Heating and Cooling is proud to say they installed the heating and cooling system in this home.



Our team of professionals are experienced in providing the best service and quality parts to ensure years of trouble-free heating and cooling. This house was pictured in full construction mode. The driveway and landscaping was only on plan sheets at this time. This house has a geothermal heating and cooling system and is saving the home owner energy dollars. This "HOME" is now so beautiful and comfortable upon its completion.

This home has one of the most breathtaking interiors we have ever seen. Its heating system is a single geothermal unit heating the radiant concrete lower level floor, the tiled areas on the first floor and forced air for the balance of living area with zones systems. There are four (4) thermostats for total indoor comfort. All this from one inside package unit with no unit sitting outside.



This beautiful home (about 75% complete at time of picture, a new picture will be shown this spring) is equipped with remote controllable heating and cooling that can be programmed from anywhere via telephone.


The interior of this house is breath taking. Simpson Heating and Cooling is proud to say they did the home comfort system for this home.


This house was built in Williams Village in Strasburg, Ohio. This is the rear view of the home to show the area for recreation. We feel the rear of this home is as pleasing to the eye as the front, which is even more appealing. (We always show the front of homes so on this one we wanted to show the rear).


This home was built in the Becker Creek Allotment in Dover, Ohio. A single picture can never tell the total story of the construction and pride that is put into each home by every builder we work with. Upon entering this home your breath is taken away with it's beauty. Simpson Heating and Cooling installed the total comfort system in this home.

This home is located outside of New Philadelphia in site of Green Valley Golf Course. This picture was taken across the road to allow a better view of this beautiful home. Take notice during your next trip to the course. You will be pleased with the quality of construction put into this home. (Picture taken before landscaping matured and/or completed.



This was one home we liked installing the heating and cooling in the most. In Noble County this picture was taken in late fall after the leaves had fallen. The area was so beautiful when we started the installing crew would sit during lunch and say how wonderful it would be to live on the higher ground elevation and see the wildlife right in front of you. (The homeowners were also overwhelmed upon completion.)

This house has to be seen to believe its beauty. Simpson Heating and Cooling is so proud to say they installed the heating and cooling system in this prestigious home. The homeowner had an open house where the heating contractor's wife, Beth Simpson and daughter Jessica Simpson toured what they said was one of the most beautiful homes they had ever seen. During the tour they were amazed at the size of home and the tour guide said there was 9,200 square feet of living space. Our truck pictured, has a 14' box which shows the size of this house. You need to see the finished home. It also has an elevator to accommodate the three levels.



This home was constructed in Guernsey County. The view from this home is breathtaking overlooking the valley. The basement walls were solid poured concrete that has a brick imprint, giving it the look of bricked walls.